European Service Provider
AROS Applied Biotech SA
AROS Applied Biotech SA
AROS is the leading provider of Total Genomic Solutions in Europe. Our service covers all steps from extraction, sample banking, analysis (microarrays, LDA cards, PCR etc.) to advanced bioinformatics. The platforms include Affymetrix, Illumina, Agilent and Applied Biosystems.
Atlas-Biolabs GmbH
ATLAS Biolabs GmbH is a leading provider of microarray based genomic services such as genome wide gene expression and SNP analysis, aCGH analysis and diagnostic services for registered doctors and hospitals, as well as for pharmaceutical, biotechnological and diagnostic enterprises.
Biolytix AG
Biolytix provides molecular biological analyses: GMO analyses, gene expression studies, genetic monitoring, allelic discrimination, TaqMan-PCR assay development, nucleic acid extraction, consulting in transgenic technology.
DNAVision SA
DNAVision SA
Genetic and DNA solutions - DNAVision SA, an official Affymetrix service provider, offers a wide range of genetic services from genotyping to clinical and pharmaceutical studies.
Geneservice Ltd.
Geneservice Ltd.
Geneservice is an ISO accredited, premier genomic services and products provider to both the academic and commercial scientific community. Geneservice are able to provide many services including: DNA sequencing, next generation sequencing, genotyping, gene expression and bioinformatics data analysis. Geneservice is an international distributor for 16 million DNA samples including the IMAGE, Fantom and MICER libraries and many more.
Almac Group Ltd.
ALMAC Group Ltd.
Almac has the most comprehensive range of integrated drug development services available to the pharmaceutical / biotech industry.
IMGM Laboratories
IMGM Laboratories
IMGM Laboratories - partner for genomic services - provides advanced genomic services tailored to the needs of customers coming from academia, pharma and biotech. (RNA services, DNA services, bioinformatics, consulting, accredited, DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025)
Kompetenzzentrum Fluoreszente Bioanalytik
KFB Regensburg
Center of Excellence for Fluorescent Bioanalytics (KFB) is both a platform for research and development and a service center. As licenced Affymetrix Service Provider, KFB offers tailor-made services in the field of expression and DNA analysis.
The mission of MFTServices is to offer innovative and reliable services in the field of microarray applications and applied genomics to researchers in all fields, commercial and academic.
Platform Supplier
Agilent Technologies
Agilent Technologies
Agilent provides Catalog and Custom DNA microarrays, DNA microarray reagent kits, DNA microarray processing hardware, and data analysis software.
Affymetrix Ltd.
Affymetrix is dedicated to developing state-of-the-art technology for acquiring, analyzing, and managing complex genetic information for use in biomedical research. Affymetrix sells GeneChip® brand arrays.
Illumina Ltd.
Illumina´s goal is to apply innovative technologies and revolutionary assays to the analysis of genetic variation and function, making studies possible that were not even imaginable just a few years ago. Illumina´s innovative, array-based solutions for DNA, RNA, and protein analysis serve as tools for disease research, drug development, and the development of molecular tests in the clinic.
Nimblegen provides Custom High-Density Oligonucleotide Arrays and Services, the Widest Range of DNA Microarray Applications.
Web Catalogues
BioScience Links
Bioexplorer is a web directory developed specially for the researchers involved in biological studies.
Epigenetic Station Epigenetic and Methylation Station: Source for information, protocols, and bioinformatics about epigenetics and DNA methylation.
Dirpedia - combining a dictionary, an encyclopedia and a web directory.
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