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Company Profile: GenXPro GmbH

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GenXPro GmbH
Altenhoeferallee 3
60438 Frankfurt
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Transcriptomics, Genomics, Epigenomics

GenXPro offers unlimited genome-wide analysis of nucleotide based information on RNA, cDNA and DNA level.
Products & special subjects

- Reduced Complexity Sequencing approaches

- Systems biology: miRNA,mRNA & Epigenetics

- Plant breeding

- Medical Research

Company history

GenXPro GmbH was founded in 2005 by researchers of the University of Frankfurt and the University of Paris, after receiving the patent for SuperSAGE, a transcript profiling technology developed together with researchers from the Iwate Biotechnology Research Center, (Kitakami Japan) and the Charite (Berlin, Germany). GenXPro started to commercialize services for gene expression profiling and DNA markers worldwide. Our SuperSAGE technique was replaced by the “MACE” approach “Massive Analysis of cDNA Ends” an improved 3’ end sequencing method. In 2008, we invented a technique to avoid PCR-introduced bias, a major problem of all sequence-based, quantitative data.

Our service portfolio today comprises a large spectrum of techniques for the analysis of nucleotide based information, including RNAseq, microRNA Seq, ChIP seq, Medip, Methsylseq, Genotyping by Sequencing (GBS) and Metagenomics. Please visit http://www.genxpro.info/products_and_services/ for further information.

Our team of skilled bioinformaticians has developed efficient and analysis pipelines for the different data and is constantly improving the pipelines to give meaning to the terabytes of NGS data.

GenXPro has a strong capacity and dedication for technology development, and is presently working on several new High-Throughput Sequencing based approaches.

Staff & responsibilities
Name:Björn Rotter
responsible for:Head of Genomics Department
Phone:+49 69 95739710