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Microarray Service Projects
looking for a commercial realization

This page addresses service providers who are looking for microarray service projects to carry out.

  • We list here some of the quotation-requests from scientists worldwide contacting findini.net, because they need assistance in planning or completion of a microarray service project.
  • Main information of each dataset is displayed in the table below directly. In order to obtain all information available use mouseover (applying to the ‘Date’-field of a certain row). Contact data-fields are masked by ‘xxx’ as long as a small fee was not paid.
  • If you want to provide a quote for a certain project, you can buy the complete data set (all contact data included).
  • Clicking on a cart-icon adds the corresponded data set to your shopping cart . Payment will be executed in a second step then.
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Date   Application Platform Species Samples Affiliation Country Price Status
07-13-2017 We want to do for canine genotyping any canine As required 19 €
07-09-2017 mRNA gene expression profiling (GE) any Human (H. sapiens) 10 Sweden 19 € closed
Although we make every effort to provide reliable and up-to-date information, we cannot guarantee
  • that this information is as accurate as at the time it was received or that it will remain as accurate in the future,
  • that a specific request will turn into a valid order, or
  • that the customer did not awarded a specific project to someone already.
However, there were generated a substantial number of real orders from our leads in the past. Try it out, and if your are satisfied with our lead broking service become a member of findini's Service Provider Network.
Once you are a member, a lot of additional marketing opportunities will be available for you. Furthermore leads will be available at reduced rates.
If you are interested in further informations about a a membership, please do not hesitate to contact us: Question about Membership.